This is a talk I gave at reboot7 earlier this year [the website appears to be down]. I wasn’t planning to give the talk, but during the first day I started noting down some thoughts, and by the end I had a presentation. The great thing about reboot is the open sessions. I talked for 20 minutes, and the conversation in the audience went on for just as long, if not more. I’ve rarely heard so many great responses all at one time, and I think it’s my favourite presentation experience. It felt a little bit electric.

These are my notes for the talk. Although I didn’t read from the notes, I followed the rough pattern, and I’ve only added clarifications here—but there’s a lot more I want to say.

To give it some context, I billed this as “trying to figure out what comes after object oriented programming, taking lessons from how we’ve understood gravity over the past few thousand years.” Modest, much?

My actual talk notes start on the next page.

Matt Webb, posted 2005-09-02 (talk on 2005-06-11)