Good morning. I’m Matt Webb. I live at, my blog is there too. I have a design company called Schulze & Webb. A couple of years ago I co-authored a book called Mind Hacks. Now you know all about me!

What I want to talk about today is the navigational metaphor, and what the senses are, and how we can use the senses – the human senses – as a model to design better ways to interact with things.

But this isn’t the time or the place for a careful argument.

So I’m just going to say what I know about the senses, and illustrate each one with a brand new tiny idea that I had while writing this talk. Nothing crazy, the kind of thing you could build right now.

Let’s leap straight in.

I’m going to use the 5 human senses to suggest some features for a next generation web browser.

Matt Webb, S&W, posted and presented on 2006-06-01