19.38, Monday 25 Jun 2007

Some Foo Camp personal highlights:

  • Separate conversations with Marc Hedlund and Kevin Slavin, both direct to the heart of the Sun advice and sharing on big business decisions that have been occupying me fully the past week.
  • Waking at 6am under canvas (read: space-age super plastic) on the O'Reilly campus, taking early morning walks and drinking the birdsong. Note for O'Reilly employees: Listen out for the bird that goes 'tee tee, tee tee; tee-woot, tee-woot, t-t-t-t, t-t-t-t; tooooow, tooooow.' It's mimicking the car alarm warning cycle that goes off next door, which I heard at 7.30-ish.
  • A selfish highlight this one. My session included the first talk I've done for a year that wasn't written long hand, and I'm pleaseder than I imagine you imagine about that, as I've not been able to happily speak off-the-cuff all that time. Also I got to reveal the summer project to a whole bunch of smart folks who gave great feedback and asked exactly the right kind of probing questions.

Aside from that, too numerous to mention: Hilarious events; meeting a ton of people including several I've wanted to meet for some time; general hanging out and learning and conversing and thinking and eating carrots.