15.09, Friday 30 Nov 2007

I'd like to finish reading another 12 books before the end of 2007, as this would take me to 2/week over the year. I'm a few pages from the end of The Art of Innovation (Tom Kelley), and the following 5 books are in the queue: The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald); The Fabric of Reality (David Deutsch); The Catcher in the Rye (J. D. Salinger); Programming Collective Intelligence (Toby Segaran); Pedagogical Sketchbook (Paul Klee). A possible is The Nature and Art of Workmanship (David Pye).

I need to find another 5 books.

There are two constraints: I'm reading at 50% above my usual pace in order to reach the target, so I need to avoid the books that take me a while longer than usual to get through (Consuming Life (Zygmunt Bauman), I'm looking at you). However I don't want to cheat by reading pulp sci-fi, so I would like a few more non-fiction books in there, especially because my fiction consumption has been pretty high these last couple of months.

Any suggestions?

(More data: my quest for seminal computing texts led to me reading The Pattern on the Stone (W Daniel Hillis) and Platform for Change (Stafford Beer). And this is what I said about books in 2005... which reminds me that I haven't read The Rubaiyyat (Omar Khayaam) recently, so that may also have to drop onto the stack.)

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