22.32, Friday 4 Jan 2008

My Muesli [via]: custom-mixed cereal. See also, Coco Pops Creations.

SnuzNLuz [via]: an alarm clock that donates money to a charity with which you ideologically disagree whenever you hit the snooze button.

765 traces a tale of trees and branching, with stepping stones of celtic art, fractals and territories. The ultimate composition is breathtaking in how many systems [thanks] it resembles.

Following on, there's a link to Rod's piece, Abbey Among Oak Trees (Northern Line), 2006, a composite image using, in the place of brushstrokes, long random drawings created on tube trains. The brushstrokes tangle together and tug at one another in a way that it's easy to forget elements always do in any composition (image or text, or code for that matter). Where that tangling is usually a property of something aside what the medium is really about (as colour and texture is for paint, meaning and poetry is for words), Rod's brushstrokes have that as their core and almost only nature.