18.27, Wednesday 16 Jan 2008

The sound of Jupiter space. Reminiscent of 9 Beet Stretch (before). As 9 Beet Stretch is slowed down, I wonder what the voice of Jupiter would be sped up.

"Heeeelllllllllloooooooo wooooorrrrrllllldddddd."

"Jupiter Space," eh. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) culminates in what is called Jupiter space (the original screenplay has Discovery head for Saturn). This of course means there's also Earth space and Moon space, with all the bits in-between being "outer space." The idea that planets have space hanging off them - different spaces, like different territorial waters - seems quaintly planetcentric now. The viewpoint has shifted such that all the planets are within the very same space, located by Cartesian coordinates on a map of the galaxy. There is just Space. I suppose this is like the university computer network and the military computer network and Ford's computer network all coming together to make a single "the internet."

Perhaps, back in the 1960s, we all used to have our own lives too, but now we're each living the same life but with different parameters. It's a shame. As a metaphor it makes the idea of trying out someone else's life - of judging them - of being in their shoes - seem possible. But it's not, not always. Our individual lives are separated by the desert vacuum of Outer Life. I need rocket-ships, time and bravery to visit your life, to understand you inside your own space. And vice-versa. But it's worth it.

2001 movies. Check out 20'01 and 2001x1: every frame of it, in glorious colourfields.