15.40, Wednesday 26 Jan 2011

Two provoking ideas:

People with 1 million dedicated 'can contact them at any time' followers simply weren't around two years ago, -- from this article about Kevin Smith trying a new film distribution technique: he's taking his movie round just one city at a time, and charging $70 a ticket. This feels like a new kind of money. The pub game used to be imagining what you'd do if you had a million bucks. Now it's: imagine if you had a million people who had decided to pay you attention. What the hell do you do with that? Are you a philanthropist, or a social currency entrepreneur; do you invest it for your pension?

Fish are the only acceptable animal in the world of interior design, but, and here's the awesome bit: I want to see steakhouse- and fried-chicken-joint-variants, where you dine amidst cows ambling up Guggenheim-like ramps and chickens wriggling through Habitrails.