14.14, Saturday 26 Feb 2011

This morning I've been watching the cricket world cup, playing the lovely, simple iPhone game Tiny Wings, doing some basic scenario planning for work, and a little tidying, during which I ran across some UK coins designed by Matthew Dent, which I must have collected when they were released.

Work is brilliantly odd and fun (and busy with a trajectory to becoming crazy busy) at the moment. Lots of pots on the bubble. Just today, on the BERG blog, there's a sneak peek at the art of SVK, the comic we're working on with Warren Ellis and Matt Brooker. I should make a list of everything that contributes to my general feeling of living in the Absurd.

But not right now, as I'm off to an exhibition about Isotype.

Last thing: blue eyes are blue not because of pigment, but because of the Tyndall effect: light scattering by particles in a colloid or particles in a fine suspension. ... It is similar to Rayleigh scattering, in that the intensity of the scattered light depends on the fourth power of the frequency, so blue light is scattered much more strongly than red light. An example in everyday life is the blue colour sometimes seen in the smoke emitted by motorcycles. Rayleigh scattering has slightly different physics, but is the reason the sky is blue. Neat.