Science questions

10.26, Monday 14 May 2012


  • Is it true the human ear never stops growing?
  • If the universe is infinite then why is so much of the night sky black?
  • How come the biggest corn flakes are on the top of the pack and don’t sink?
  • Why do people imitate birds by whistling when birds don’t have lips?
  • Is it true that dogs see in black and white?
  • Is it true that dogs die from eating chocolate?
  • Is it true that dogs can see ghosts?
  • Was there a dog jesus?
  • If there wasn’t a dog jesus, if a dog dies from eating chocolate, does a dog go to heaven?
  • Or does the dead dog become a dog ghost?
  • Is this why dogs can see ghosts?
  • Because ghosts are dogs?
  • And dogs are ghosts?
  • Mountains, are they small or far away?
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