09.51, Thursday 2 May 2013

The good thing about rolling your own blogging system is that you’re in control of your data and your destiny.

The bad thing is that you have to live with all the ridiculous choices made by you-with-13-fewer-years-experience.

So every time I have anything to say, there’s a several hour (day, week, month) long throat clearing process where I have to check what the syntax for the blog posts is, see whether the rendering and publishing code still works, and get the whole thing working on my laptop again.

You’d think that this barrier to entry would result in me only posting when I had something really, really worthwhile to say. Where my desire for public exposition was so strong that it would carry me through all the pain and hurdles.

No. I write posts when I’m procrastinating, or when I’m at an airport. Today I’m procrastinating.

Update: Why on earth does my blog template put a little dot after “May” in the date?? Apparently me-some-years-ago is a lazy coder who can’t be bothered to truncate correctly. This is lazy: strftime(“%b. %Y”)