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14.22, Friday 19 Dec 2014


The Kindly Brontosaurus, The amazing, prehistoric posture that will get you whatever you want, whenever you want it.

It works like this:

You must stand quietly and lean forward slightly, hands loosely clasped in a faintly prayerful arrangement. You will be in the gate agent’s peripheral vision-close enough that he can’t escape your presence, not so close that you’re crowding him - but you must keep your eyes fixed placidly on the agent’s face at all times. Assemble your features in an understanding, even beatific expression. Do not speak unless asked a question. Whenever the gate agent says anything, whether to you or other would-be passengers, you must nod empathically.

I vaguely remember reading an article about holding eye contact for one beat longer - four rather than three seconds - and how persuasive that is. But I can’t find the article now, Google just returns a ton of blog posts about flirting.


Content, Forever starts with whatever Wikipedia page you want, then gives you an auto-generated article (for however many minutes read you want), rambling through paragraphs of interconnected articles.

Related: Nieman Lab predictions for the future, generated with a Markov chain generator.

Computational social scientists are already working on wearable technology, however, they are tackling interesting problems, and I personally look forward to reading the email lists where she asks her question about how to be able to quickly iterate and push ideas to market, all while empowering culture changes along the way for customers who advertise with media companies with giant databases of information that makes up articles.

Fewer and fewer shut-off valves.


The Studio D End of Year Report led me to their custom-design zero branding duffle bag: D3 Traveller.

Which I now want to own, of course. Ultragibson.


Shirts wash part 1, on YouTube. Via @philgyford who said Brilliant (if shaky) mundanity: … A boy’s multi-part commentaries of washing machine cycles.

It’s like we’re see this boy before he’s been infected with society’s idea of what constitutes news. The sacred and the profane. Don’t take the piss, this is good.

Malden level crossing.

Something brilliant about seeing through somebody else’s eyes, the ambient sound and everything.

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