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15.24, Thursday 29 Jan 2015


Ambient loops from sci-fi.

Including! 12 hours of the engine noise from the ship Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis available for viewing on iPlayer.

A tone poem of the last 50 years of Afghanistan.

Curtis’ blog post introducing it: Events come and go like waves of a fever. We - and the journalists - live in a state of continual delirium, constantly waiting for the next news event to loom out of the fog - and then disappear again, unexplained.


Postcards from a supply chain by Dan W – It might be a photo, an anecdote, a video or a map. There will be mines and refineries and markets and ports and ships and containers. Lots of containers.


The Trees that Return Your Emails.

Did you know that you can email every single tree in the City of Melbourne - and they’ll write back?

Right now, you can log onto the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Visual map and email any tree you’d like within the council’s boundaries.

Yep, all 60,000 of them.

I used the website to email a Corymbia Spotted Gum with ID 1358524.

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