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10.22, Monday 30 Mar 2015


Steve Coast on rules.:

And so, with more rules we have solved most of the problems in the world. That just leaves the weird events left like disappearing 777’s, freak storms and ISIS. … Ultimately, this is why the world is getting weirder, and will continue to do so. Now with global media you get to hear about it all.

And: everything that has ever happened has happened in the last decade or less.


There’s a zoo in Japan where you can shake hands with an otter.

More pics.

iCPooch, a video conferencing device and remote treat dispenser for pets.

Project began at Startup Weekend (great mission – I’m a trustee of the European arm). Inventor was 14 years old.

A dog that texts selfies.

Charles Mingus, jazz legend, literally wrote the book on how to train your cat to use the toilet.


We don’t have a written constitution in the UK, but occasionally habit and precedent gets collated and scribbled down. In 2010, the operation of government was set out in the Cabinet Manual. For procedure nerds, it’s a fascinating read.

Section 2 is about elections and The principles of government formation – especially interesting because of the upcoming general election. Also I love the writing: The tone is colloquial, plain, and straightforward. But you can tell every word is chosen with care, every “should,” every “expected.” With a thousand year history, our system of government needs to balance what works with an openness to exceptionality.

Today we’re entering purdah, the period of self-denying ordinance from the civil service.

See also, Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice.


The Hammersmith and City line, including a picture of the 1908 White City exhibition. Gosh.

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