Books read March 2015

20.00, Tuesday 31 Mar 2015

By date finished…

Some lines that stuck with me from Berger:

The animal scrutinizes him across a narrow abyss of non-comprehension.

an animal’s life, never to be confused with a man’s, can be seen to run parallel to his. Only in death do the two parallel lines converge and after death, perhaps, cross over to become parallel again

As I say, I’m no scientist, but I have the impression that scientists today, when dealing with phenomena whose time or spatial scale is either immense or very small … are on the point of breaking through space-time to discover another axis on which events may be strung


Some lines that got me in McPhee, the first about the Colorado river, the second on Lake Powell:

he quoted Edith Warner: “‘This is a day when life and the world seem to be standing still – only time and the river flowing past the mesas.’“

The Utah canyonland had been severed halfway up by a blue geometric plane, creating a waterscape of interrupted shapes, spectacularly unnatural, spectacularly beautiful.


I can’t help myself but point my finger at these conjunctions. Narrow Abyss. Discover Another Axis. Interrupted Shapes.