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12.05, Friday 3 Jul 2015


Mountains that talk about bad things.

It’s weird:

two friendly mountains loudly reciting tweets from around the world. … [a tweet using the word ‘bad’] is picked up and converted by a text-to-speech engine, then loudly recited by the mountains in realtime.

You can also visit this world by using a smartphone to have a 360 degree VR experience as one of the villagers living below the mountains.

Bit shonky in that sometimes the voice of the mountains disappears for me, or the tweets doesn’t come through. Reload and retry.


Osper is mobile banking - and a credit card - for kids. Jeez, I’d happily use this.

There’s a new mobile-only bank coming to the UK, called Atom.

I’m into this. Unbundle the banks. Experiment with different interfaces for consumer banking.


Hey, so what if the dinosaurs were raptured? Like they were all good Christians and they all ascended and the mammals and birds are the Left Behind and it wasn’t a meteor after all.

That’s what I thought this book was about, but it turns out Rapture of the Raptor is dinosaur erotica instead.

See also: Taken by the T-Rex.


Crystal shows you the best way to communicate with any coworker, prospect, or customer based on their unique personality.

It’s an email plug-in that tells you what phrases to change.

Crystal analyzes public data to tell you how you can expect any given person to behave, how he or she wants to be spoken to, and perhaps more importantly, what you can expect your relationship to be like.

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