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15.17, Monday 12 Oct 2015


New trend: Across China, people are sporting plastic decorations on their heads in the shape of vegetables, fruit and flowers.

e.g. a beansprout.

“Does your country have this yet?” she asked. “It will certainly spread abroad.”


Relatively recent appearance in the Spanish-speaking world: The word niñ@s. Here’s a fantastic photo by Bill DeRouchey.

A gender neutral way to say both niñas (meaning girls) and niños (meaning boys and also, historically, children generally).



The flowers are drawn with code. When it’s written, code is built up with a series of “commits” - a self-contained block of functionality, together with a message by the developer that describes it.

If you read the commit messages for these flowers, there’s a poem there.

Full code here.


Disney princesses re-imagined as hotdogs.

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