New interview

18.34, Wednesday 16 Dec 2015

John Pavlus interviewed me about code… how I got into it, what I think it does to and for society, etc. The result is this article, For Designers, Learning To Code Isn’t A Yes-No Question featured at Fast Company Design.

Included! My early spiritual experience with transistors. Ted Nelson’s amazingly prescient observation that Whatever it may do in the real world, to the computer program, it’s just another device and the dehumanising effect technology can have. The steamroller approach of the coding mindset on the world’s problems… and it’s power too.

I’m delighted with this. For some reason, conversations with John always lead to interesting places - places I don’t think either of us (well, me definitely) would have reached without talking together - and it’s neat to have some of those endpoints written down.

Go read!