@5point9billion news

17.24, Monday 28 Dec 2015

Some updates for that space+birthdays Twitter bot I launched a couple weeks ago…

  • The bot now picks up the timezone of the user – notifications are sent out at 12 noon local time.
  • There’s a website! I’ve made Electron Farm as the home for my various Twitter bots. Use 5point9billion’s homepage to set your birthday without tweeting it publicly, and also see which stars you’ve already reached.

The bot just passed 300 active users, which is not bad!

And here’s a pretty visualisation of all bright star systems closer than 100 light years. It was a bit quick+dirty to make, but a neat way to get to learn about drawing 3D graphics. I like the way it looks, so I’m thinking about how to use these kind of animations for the bot.