Augustus and Caesarion

11.55, Monday 1 Feb 2016

I’d like to read a story about these two.

Cleopatra, from an ancient civilisation and a family that rules an even more ancient civilisation, in 250 years the first to really put her roots down and speak the language.

Caesar, bringing about the end of the republic, the expansionist warmonger of the upstart empire.

They fall in love. Love and politics. She has a son with him to cement the throne. For Caesar this is possibly his only son.

Caesar is assassinated in the death spasm of old Rome. Cleopatra falls in love with his right hand man.

Caesar’s adopted son - after a second war that engulfs the Mediterranean, the first being Caesar’s civil war - succeeds him: Augustus.

Cleopatra’s son, Caesarion, succeeds her.

Then the upstart empire takes the most ancient one, and Augustus kills Caesarian.

Did they meet? Caesarion escaped for a time and was lured back. Did they have a final conversation? That must have been something.

Two sons, two brothers. One by blood, one anointed; one with history on his side, the other with the future. Augustus was the founder of the Roman Empire, which would last 400 years.

Another story says that Caesarion escaped.

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