3 Books Weekly #14: Featuring Gollancz editor Marcus Gipps

09.00, Friday 3 Jun 2016

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Hi folks

I’m a massive fan of the SF Masterworks series of classic science fiction – it’s published by Gollancz, and I don’t know how much of the series I have on my bookshelves at home… I’d have to measure in feet instead of counting. Big fan. Gollancz is the UK’s oldest SF + fantasy publisher.

And today we have recommendations from Gollancz’s Marcus Gipps! Super pleased to welcome him here, and not only because I’m a giant sci-fi nerd. You can find Marcus on Twitter as @marcusgipps. Thank you!

It’s sci-fi week in the vending machine this coming week. You’ll find all of Marcus’s recommendations there, PLUS there are three more titles at the special price of lb1. YES THAT IS CORRECT, BOOKS FOR ONLY ONE SINGLE ENGLISH POUND.

So check it out… here’s the map and full book list.

It’s our final week at Hachette. Booooo :( HOWEVER I am delighted to announce that from Friday 10 June till mid July, we’ll be hosted by Lost My Name, makers of those wildly popular personalised kids books. Awesome. I’ll be doing a talk there in a couple weeks. Sign up to come along.

Let’s hear from Marcus. Happy Friday!


#1. Riddley Walker, by Russell Hoban

I’d love you to read this because, quite simply, I believe that Riddley Walker is one of the most powerful, affecting, clever and remarkable books ever published. It isn’t out of print, or languishing forgotten, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I could go on and on about it - the reworking of myth, science and history into a new religion in this new world, the highs and lows you will feel alongside poor Riddley - but to me they’re all adjuncts to the most impressive piece of sustained writing I’ve ever read. I urge you to set aside some time, ready your brain, and delve in.

Riddley Walker: Amazon / Amazon UK

#2. Rivers of London: 1, by Ben Aaronovitch

A wonderful book about London. Oh, there are police officers and a murder to investigate and even some magic, but at its heart this is Ben’s love letter to the city. You’ll read certain sections and think ‘yes, that’s exactly what that area is like’. You’ll learn about the mythology and history of London. And you’ll get caught up in the adventures of PC Peter Grant as he discovers that there’s more to London than he had previously believed. And then you’ll go out and buy the next one…

Rivers of London: 1: Amazon / Amazon UK

#3. Sarah Canary (S.F. MASTERWORKS), by Karen Joy Fowler

From the author THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, this debut is a remarkable piece of historical science fiction. Or is it? Set in the Old West, we follow the - frankly quite strange - Sarah Canary as she gets embroiled in a series of strange adventures. By turns funny, moving and scary, this is a very different novel and one which repays close reading.

Sarah Canary (S.F. MASTERWORKS): Amazon / Amazon UK

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