Ok it’s happening, my AI clock is happening

08.46, Tuesday 23 Jan 2024

Hey so last year I made an AI clock for my bookshelves. It tells the time with a new poem every minute composed by ChatGPT.

Yeah so my clock ended up featured in the New York Times. And The Verge. The tweet got to almost 6k likes with 845k views. Tons of photos there.


The prototype clock lives in my kitchen. It tells me the time; I keep an eye on it. Here’s a poem from the other evening. Just a coincidence. (I hope?)

In the kitchen, knives at hand / Eight o’clock eight, a gourmet night planned.

The screen doesn’t glow. It has a handsome e-paper screen with crisp type.

Mostly it’s simply… poetic. This is what I got on my way out of the house today:

In shadows deep, before the light / 7:19 haunts, the mornings first sight.

It is sometimes profound! And sometimes really dumb! Then sometimes weird stuff comes up and I take a pic.

Like, where did this even come from?

In the desert, where the dunes are vast, / Six forty-two, the sands hold memories of the past.


I am someone who will take a gag far far too far and far far FAR too seriously.

So I’m manufacturing this thing in China. For real life.

The Kickstarter is IMMINENT. Like, next week.

My AI clock is now called Poem/1.

But nobody know what it looks like.


I’ve been working with the London industrial design studio Approach. Their client list includes Nothing, Google and Logitech.

I’m going to show you what we’ve come up with, what I’m going to market with, for the first time…

…tomorrow, Weds 24th.

On the mailing list.

(I understand this is what is called a “drop.”)

Gorgeous renders, clever industrial design details, beautiful e-paper screen and all.


If you want to be the first to see what Poem/1 looks like, then subscribe here.

p.s. here’s a sunrise to sunset time lapse of my un-designed prototype. Poems flickering by.

UPDATE 24 Jan:

Industrial design first look is here. You’re going to love it.

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