Hardware-coffee morning next week?

13.15, Thursday 22 Oct 2015

Let’s do another hardware-ish coffee morning! Next week.

Thursday 29th October, 9.30am for a couple of hours, at the Book Club (100 Leonard St).

Why? Because it’s been A TRILLION YEARS. Something about summer totally knocked out my routines. Plus all that cricket on the TV. Reduced my efficiency somewhat. The last hardware-ish coffee morning was in San Francisco, I’m still due to write that up.

Anyway here’s how it works but the short version… it might be five of us, it might be fifteen, we’re all vaguely interested in hardware startups, or making things, or knitting.

There’s no structure, no single conversation, it’s super super informal. Come along! And we have an alarming tendency towards the meetup group cosmic death known as TOO MANY DUDES – so if you’re NOT a dude, please take take this as an enthusiastic invitation. Don’t let me sit there with a half dozen men on a Thursday morning for two hours.

Bring a prototype if you fancy showing it round, but no pressure. Always nice to have some stuff to look at.

See you then!

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