The next hardware-ish coffee morning is next Thursday

18.11, Friday 13 Oct 2017

My Dearest Droogs,

Let’s have a hardware-ish coffee morning! Soon!

Thursday 19 October, 9.30am for a couple of hours, at the Book Club, 100 Leonard St.

I’ll be back from my travels, moderately jetlagged, and in no state to conduct linear conversations. So it will be especially important to (a) talk to everyone else who comes (they’re always really friendly); and, (b) poke me in the ribs if you see me nodding off.

Usual rules: we don’t do intros; everyone talks to everyone else; you order coffee from the counter and please don’t forget to pay otherwise the staff get confused; bring a prototype if you have one; actually working with hardware IS NOT A requirement, you just have to be curious. Here’s what happened last time.

Might be 5 people, might be 25. If you’re a startup and want to ask me about the new R/GA IoT Venture Studio, I am happy to chat.

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