Hardware-ish coffee morning, edition 13

20.35, Thursday 3 Dec 2015

Hey, let’s have a hardware-ish coffee morning next week!

Thursday 10th December, 9.30am for a couple of hours, at the Book Club (100 Leonard St).

Here’s how it works but the short version is there might be five of us, or there might be 15, and we’re vaguely interested in hardware startups, or making things with paper, or knitting, or Arduino. Or, like last time, we’re into industrial design, VC, and factories. Mainly it’s about caffeinated beverages and hanging out. There are no talks or anything like that, it’s just a coffee shop. Minutes of the previous hardware-ish coffee morning!

ADDITIONALLY. You’ll see from those links that I track our Not A Dude Quotient. If you’re a woman or basically don’t self-identify as a dude, please feel doubly welcome! Let’s be the London hardware scene we want to have.

Uh, what else. Bring a thing if you’ve got a thing to bring. Always nice to see physical stuff, whether it’s a product prototype, a new Pi Zero (I’ve not seen one yet), or your latest origami.

See you Thursday!